FedNor Field Notes, June 2003

June 6, 11 PM. MP: Flight to Victor delayed. Scheduled for 3 PM. MP, CA, AS on trip to install Victor and Sutton.

June 6, 6 PM, JD: Found 2 to 3 good sites at OR. One close to their VSAT. One a little farther. Third one near gravel pit. Took GPS locations. No bedrock but site is ok. No noticeable noise from dam. 3 hours from Timmins, each way. OPG works on Mon-Thu. Security good. Noise test recommended. Went with OPG staff (ED?) and Curtis in OPG truck. Picked up GSC truck on the way back.

June 7, 9 AM. MP: Transportation costs to increase. See email.

June 7, 8 PM. JD:

1. The location suggested by Gerrit was not reachable and was not good. Spongy, soft, no bedrock.
2. Could not drive beyond Mine gate but walked around. If they can get a key to the gate, they can explore the area a bit better.
3. They have explored other locations along the road access to the Mine, a few km from the mine. An open pit area looks promising but need to find the owner.
4. The will follow up with Thackery Sunday and then try to phone the Mine owner on Monday to explore possibilities. They will also try to reach Gerrit on Monday AM.
5. The road is paved except for the last 20 Km or so. No properties other than the mine found.


June 8, around 6 PM. JD: Visit to Thackery Provincial Park was successful. Full report a little later.

June 8, 6:15 PM. CA: Sutton Inlier installed:

1. Cyg 378, TRD365, ESP T3E88 running as O81T for now.

2. Xpol 0, Co-pol 27 dB.

3. Site on solid rock.

4. Only 2 batteries to start with but more batteries arrived around 7:50 (23:50 UT) and site was shut down to add batteries. Restarted at 08:21 (June 9, 00:21 UT).

5. For unknown reason, Isa was not able to connect to the site on Lan port, to investigate.

June 9, 12:31 UT: Sutton Inlier observatory started in code name SILO.


June 10, around 8 AM. Phoned Victor camp. Team were ready at heli-pad to leave for deployment. Did not talk to them.

June 10, 3 PM. JD: Much progress made. On their way to Sudbury. Will report later.

June 10, 5:45 PM. Victor installed.

1. My network at home just crashed, not able to verify immediately.

2. Site on limestone, everything bolted down.

3. X-pol 0, Co-pol 32 dB.

4. Cyg 364, Trd 370, ESP seismometer T3F09, temp site O72T.

5. Station is running at 100 sps at full gain of 1.0.

6. By around 7:30 PM, network at home fixed, everything looks ok.

Calvin called. All OK at Victor and they are leaving June 11. Flight out of Attawapiskat is mid-day.

June 10, 7:30 PM. JD: Mine to NE of Thackery is secure and ready for deployment. Need to wrtie letter to the Mine explaining what we are doing. Ken Kryklywy, Senior Geologist,Barrick Gold Corporation, Holt-McDermott Mine,P.O. Box 278,Kirkland Lake, On, P2N 3H7,tel. 705-567-9251 ext 117, fax. 705-567-6867. http://www.rmg.se/RMDEntities/H/HOLT_M.htm

June 10, 8:30 PM. MP: 20 hours of chopper at $1200/h.


MUMO Installed
June 14, at 19:30 UT
seismo on solid bedrock 150-200 yds off the end of the runway
mine shaft about 1 km away
closest activity is about 500-700 m away.
can hear machinary
sps: 100 gain: 1.0 dc removel .001
lan ip: sat ip:
inline filter for power sub-system was damaged, removed 
cyg390 trd364 seismometer 3esp T3F10 check with picture / CA. O71T
X-pol 0 Co-pol 35 dB