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April 24, 2003 Ontario Parks contacts from OP Permit document:

Tidewater, Coral Rapids, Greenwater, Mr. Trevor Griffin, 705-272-6335

Wanapitei, Mr. Dave Coulas, 705-564-7297

Thckery,& Pushkin Hills, Ms. Catherine Gage, 705-568-7677

Winisk River, Ms. Linda Trapp, 807-229-1624

Pipestone River, Mr. Scott Ellery, 807-227-2601.


Proposed FedNor Locations


Location of Previous Teleseismic Sites

Below is a map with locations of temporary arrays in Ontario that have provided useful information about mantle structures. The station at Winisk provided no useful results to the study that Ian Kay did; may be a function of the thick Paleozoic section there. If so, the nerby Sutton Inlier may have better outcrops.

General Links

Interactive Map http://www.getnorth.com/interactivemap.asp

Diamond Exploration Links

Example of Diamond Corridor from Northern Shield Resources Inc. Web site (http://www.northern-shield.com/OntDiamond.htm).

Key Diamond Exploration Web Sites

De Beers Victor Project (http://www.debeerscanada.com/files/attawapiskat/factsheet.html)

The Victor Project is located in the James Bay Lowlands of northern Ontario, approximately 90-km west of the coastal community of Attawapiskat.

Lydia Diamond Exploration of Canada Ltd.


The Wolf Lake property is located near the town of Bannockburn, 50 kilometres south of Bancroft.

Northern Shield Resources Inc. (http://www.northernshieldresources.ca/)

The Waxatike Property lies on the intersection of major 060 and 330 trending structural corridors. Kimberlite and kimberlite-related intrusions are known to occur at Coral Rapids which is located further northeast along the same trend. The structures are clearly visible on regional airborne magnetic maps.

Tres-or Resources Ltd.(http://tres-or.com/archive/index.htm)

The Temagami area of Northeastern Ontario is considered very prospective for diamond exploration.  The Company's Temagami Diamond Claim properties are located west of the Timiskaming Structural Zone and straddle the Grenville Front, a deep rooted structure that separates the thick Precambrian Superior craton from the Grenville Province, a cratonized accreted mobile belt

Sulliden Exploration Inc (http://www.sulliden.com/promini/CoralRapidE.htm)

Coral Rapids: Geologically, Paleozoic rocks of the James Bay Lowlands and Archean rocks of the Superior Province craton underlie the property. Structurally, this property is located exactly at the intersection between two major deep-seated crustal fault zones, the NE-SW Kapuskasing Structural Zone (KSZ) and the Lake Timiskaming Fault Zone (TFZ), both known to be favourable to host diamond-bearing kimberlitic intrusions.

Parks Ontario

NORTHWEST ZONE, Tim Sullivan, Zone Manager, Ontario Parks, 435 James

Street South, Suite 221d, Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 6S8 Tel (807) 475-1497

Email: Tim.Sullivan@mnr.gov.on.ca


NORTHEAST ZONE, Paul Bewick, Zone Manager, Ontario Parks, 199 Larch

Street, Suite #401, Sudbury, ON, P3E 5P9 Tel (705) 564-3164

Email: Paul.Bewick@mnr.gov.on.ca


HEAD OFFICE, Ontario Parks, 300 Water Street, P.O. Box 7000,

Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 8M5 

This number is helpful for finding phone numbers 1-800-667-1940

Central Zone http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/cr2.html


FedNor Site details

1. Tidewater Provincial Park (Moose River)


       Water access only by barge or water taxi

       Island believed to be clay

Park Tel: (705) 336-2987 June-September (705) 272-4365 October-May

       Crown Land a possibility, MNR contact: Peter Kapashesit (705) 336-1809

       For Crown permission we need to fax a detailed letter explaining ourselves and they will take it from there Fax: (705) 336-2983 Attn. Peter

       Choice 2: Use mine properties at Coral Rapids.

Sulliden company is active there http://www.sulliden.com/promini/CoralRapidE.htm, maps at http://www.sulliden.com/promini/mapsCoralE.htm


2. Wanapitei Lake, Sudbury


       Road access to all of park

       Geology believed to be gravel

       Park closed during winter

       Northeast Zone (705) 966-0563 Oct.-May (705) 966-2315 June-Sept.

       Choice 2: Use old CNSN? Sites in Sudbury Basin. Ask Phil M about reoccupying one of the old GSC Sudbury sites: SXO SWO SUO prefer the more westerly because of network geometry, but need to examine noise, landowner issues etc .

       Choice 3: Mine sites near Sudbury?

3. Greenwater Provincial Park, Cochrane


       Road access

       20 min from Cochrane

       Geology believed to be gravel

       Park tel: (705) 272-3481

       Choice 2: "NE Timmins/Cochrane" site might be NE of Cochrane (need to watch spacing/geometry with respect to Moose River / Coral Rapids).

4. Pipestone River Provincial Park, Pickle Lake


       Single road access crosses park and river

       Debeers exploration camp bordering park

       Musslewhite gold mine access road only other road by park

       Scott Elery, park Superintendent, suggested Crown Land

       Park tel: (807) 223-7535

       Choice 2: Check for Airfield?

       Choice 3: Mine property

       See also: http://www.getnorth.com/interactivemap.asp

5. Winisk River Provincial Park


       River access only

       Contact Geraldton Outfitters or Nakina Corp. Outfitters for transporting gear

       Unstaffed park

       Park tel: (807) 825-3413

       Peawanuck is air access only

       Peawanuck Band office (705) 473-2554

       Creebec Air unfeasible at $2.62 per lbs for shipping

Choice 2

Contacted Harry Wobass who is on the river station council for the

Winisk River camp tel (807) 353-6531 fax (807) 352-1218. He also wanted

a detailed letter to review before agreeing to anything.

6. Thackeray Provincial Park, Kirkland Lake


       39 km east of Matheson

       Road access

       Tel: (705) 642-9702, this number is currently out of service because the park is closed.

Alternates (to move more south)


Contact is Marty Blake, Park Superintendent but, shortly, Trevor Griffin will be taking over. Tel # (705) 272-7139. Road access, roads are in rough shape but usable. Geology includes bedrock outcroppings and lava pillows. 1 hour drive from Kirkland Lake. Unstaffed non operational park, protected area open year round.

       Larder Lake?

       Mine sites?

Address Book

Mason, John 
Phone: 807-475-1107  Fax: 807-475-1112  E-Mail: john.mason@ndm.gov.on.ca 
John Mason 
Suite B002
435 James St S
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6S7 
Organization Hierarchy: 
                       MINES AND MINERALS DIVISION 
                                       NORTHWEST REGIONAL OFFICE    [Services & Offices Directory] 
Ireland , Jim 
Phone: 705-235-1612  Fax: 705-235-1620  E-Mail: jim.ireland@ndm.gov.on.ca 
Jim Ireland 
Ontario Government Complex 
Hwy 101 E
PO Bag 3060
South Porcupine , ON P0N 1H0 
Organization Hierarchy: 
                       MINES AND MINERALS DIVISION 
                                       NORTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE    [Services & Offices Directory] 

Other Resources, Maps

Permit Application Link http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/form2.html

Northern Ontario Engineering Geology Terrain Study maps 1:100,000 (e.g. OGS map 5034 1979) are useful resources.