Research Projects in Northern Ontario

New NRCan Earth Sciences Sector projects received funding form Industry Canada's FedNor (The Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario). With matching funds from the POLARIS Consortium, an array of 19 Broadband Digital Seismographs was installed in Northern Ontario in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Click here for a summary of current POLARIS FedNor research.

This page provides the details of the new project, some key links to technical documents and other working documents, below.

Project Announcements

The following briefing notes were submitted to the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Earth Sciences Sector.



Project Details

A new VSAT Broadband Digital Seismograph Array in Northern Ontario


1. Obtain new geophysical information about the Earth's lithosphere at key locations in Northern Ontario to assist the diamond exploration industry in Northern Ontario in the identification of diamondiferous kimberlite pipes .

2. Provide monitoring information for the safety of power dams and mine-tailings dams.

3. Enable rapid-ground motion warnings for critical facilities in northern Ontario, in partnership with POLARIS.

4. Assess the seismicity and seismic hazard of Northern Ontario, in order to provide seismological information for study of long-term nuclear waste disposal options and for other waste disposal initiatives.

5. Determine mining-related seismic activity in order to contribute to mine safety.

6. Provide outreach for Science North in Sudbury: Live seismograph and display.

View Full Project document (pdf).

Links to key technical documents

1. Using Seismology as a tool for diamond exploration

2. MAPPING THE MANTLE LITHOSPHERE FOR DIAMOND POTENTIAL (pdf) Snyder DB , Bostock MG, & Lockhart GD. Long Abstract 8 th International Kimberlite Conference, June 2003.

3. Seismic tomographic images of the cratonic upper mantle beneath the Western Superior Province of the Canadian Shield - a remnant Archean slab? (pdf) S. Sol, C.J. Thomson, J.M. Kendall, D. White, J.C. VanDecar & I. Asudeh. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 134 (2002) 5369

4. OGS: Overview of the Geology of Ontario

Links to documents intended for site permitting

1. Environmental Impact Assessment (pdf)

2. Field Safety Procedures (pdf)