Polaris Document Distribution Center

This is a first attempt in creating a Polaris Document Distribution Center where soft copies of all field procedures and other useful documents can be found. Expect many people to contribute to this and plan to have a current version on Polaris Web site. At this time, the structure of is rather arbitrary and the intention is to include everything and to clean it up as we go along.

Document Table

A quick list of useful documents.

Table 1. List of documents currently available




Number of Pages


Prodelin 1184 Antenna System Manual (pdf)

Prodelin Web

Earth Station1.8 m antenna


2 Prodelin 1184 Antenna Mast Foundation ES antenna foundation 1


Baird B6-11 NPM (pdf)


Non-Penetrating mount assembly instruction for Earth Station antenna


4 Prodelin 1383 Antenna System Manual (pdf) Prodelin Web 3.8 M C & Ku-Band Rx/Tx Antenna System (Hub antenna) 36
5 Feed System Stabilizer (pdf) Prodelin Web Assembly Manual 6
6 Feed Horn Mounting Instructions (pdf) Scanned from hard-copy Assembly Manual 4
7 Guralp-CMG-3ESP seismometer connector pinouts (html) DTA seismometer end 1
8 Gurap-CMG-3ESP seismometer connector pinouts (pdf) NMX, Scanned from hard-copy digitizer end 3
9 Field Tools and spare parts for Polaris Technologists (html) GSC Recommended tools and spare parts 4
10 Ontario and BC Power Sub-System (pdf) GSC Ontario and BC Power Subsystem 12
11 BC Power Sub-System (pdf) GSC Sketch of power sub-system 1
12 NWT Power Sub-System (pdf) GSC Sketch of power sub-system 1
13 Prodelin 1251 Antenna System Manual (pdf) Prodelin Web 2.4 M C & Ku-Band Rx/Tx Antenna System (NWT antenna) 26
15 Hammond-Control-Panel (pdf) Hammond web Hammond PJ18168T used for solar panel charge controller housing 2


Remote Site Scouting Report

Many more items need to be considered but here is a brief list to start with. Annotated digital camera pictures would help identify the essential site details quickly. Key information from this report will be used during the site installation.


Some useful pictures





Earth Station (ES) antenna base.


Earth Station 1.8 m antenna

3 LNB The Low Noise Block downconverter is used to amplify the satellite transmissions at the receive output port of the ES antenna.


4 SSPB The Solid-State Power Block upconverter is used to amplify the transmitted carrier before it is output to the satellite antenna.


5 SSPB and LNB


Solar panel Frame



Example of seismometer vault pier cover.